FireCushion® Facts for Rubel’s Marketing

The Patented FireCushion is the single most perfectly cut Cushion Diamond there is… period.

Cushion Brilliant (not Modified)

Every FireCushion is classified as a Cushion Brilliant by the Gemological Institute of America.  The vast majority of all Cushions in the world are “Modified”, and are cut with unnecessary extra weight around the belly of the stone


All FireCushions are rated “Excellent” in polish and symmetry by the GIA.  Most typical Cushions do not earn an Ex Ex rating.

15% Larger

FireCushions appear 15% larger than typical Cushions of the same weight.  In fact, many appear far more than 15% larger.  So a 1.00 carat FireCushion will appear about the same size as a 1.15 or larger typical Cushion.

Exceptionally Rare

In fact, less than 1 out of 1,000 Cushion diamonds in the world are graded Ex Ex Cushion Brilliant by the GIA

Extraordinary Brilliance

Uniform brilliance, and an average 95% light return, rivaling Ideal Rounds.  In other words, over 95% of the light that enters your diamond will return to your eye as white light (brilliance) and colored light (fire).

More Square

 Maximum 1.00:1.05 length-to-width ratio.  The more rectangular a Cushion, the more likely there will be dead spots (or bow ties) in the diamond’s center


Protects your exclusivity and your margins, and makes a strong statement about the gemological breakthrough of the FireCushion.

Perfect Alternative to an Ideal Round

Considering a Round diamond?  Why not consider another classic shape.  FireCushion is the world’s most perfect alternative to an Ideal Round.  It looks similar to a Round, with matching brilliance and beauty, and is less expensive than a Round of the same weight.
FireCushion diamonds are never cut to maximize the weight of a diamond.  They’re always cut to maximize beauty.  This assures maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle.
Look for the FireCushion® logo inscribed on your diamond’s girdle to assure this is truly a FireCushion Diamond.
FireCushion diamonds are only available from better retail jewelers.  They are not sold on the internet, on any diamond lists, or in any mass merchandisers.

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